Software Engineering: Question Set – 34

Software Engineering: Question Set – 34

What kind of an impact does test automation have in quality assurance?

The testing process is sped up and made more error-proof by using test automation, which also enables more frequent testing. It is especially helpful for testing that needs to be repeated, testing for regression, and assuring consistency.

What actions should be taken in the event that a critical bug is discovered just prior to the release of a product?

Inform the stakeholders of the severity of the defect as well as the potential impact it could have. Work together with the development team to evaluate the potential danger and decide whether or not to postpone the release or issue a quick remedy.

What exactly is meant by “exploratory testing”?

Exploratory testing requires that test design and execution take place simultaneously. The testers investigate the software, gain knowledge as they test it, and modify their tests based on what they find. It is an efficient method for discovering unforeseen flaws.

How would you go about ensuring that your test coverage is exhaustive?

It is possible to obtain test coverage by mapping test cases to requirements, utilising testing strategies such as equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis, and making certain that both positive and negative scenarios are evaluated.

Explain what is meant by the term “regression testing.”

The purpose of regression testing is to ensure that recent alterations to the source code have not adversely affected previously implemented functionalities. It is of the utmost importance to check that newly implemented features or bug remedies do not result in the creation of additional issues.

What are the key differences between testing that is performed manually and that which is performed automatically?

Testers participating in manual testing carry out test cases by hand, whereas testers participating in automated testing make use of scripts and tools to carry out test cases. Automated tests are more efficient, can be repeated endlessly, and are ideal for jobs that are prone to errors caused by humans.

What exactly is a test plan, and why is having one so essential?

A document known as a test plan is one that describes the testing endeavour in terms of its scope, objectives, approach, resources, and timeframe. Additionally, roles and responsibilities, as well as the criteria for entry and exit from testing phases, are defined here. A rigorous and well-defined test plan guarantees that testing efforts are organised, complete, and in line with the objectives of the project.

How would you handle a situation where a critical defect is found, but fixing it would delay the project significantly?

In situations like these, it is absolutely necessary to have a conversation with the various stakeholders, including the developers and the project managers. Collaboratively evaluate the seriousness and impact of the bug, think about possible solutions, and then make an informed judgement about whether or not the bug should be fixed right away or whether the release should go forward while the issue is fixed in a later version.

Can you explain the concept of load testing?

When performing load testing, a software application is put through a series of simulated real-world usage situations to evaluate how well it functions when subjected to varying degrees of pressure. The objective is to locate performance bottlenecks, capacity constraints, and response times in order to guarantee that the application is able to deal with the predicted number of users without suffering any performance loss.

How do you make sure that the QA team and the development team communicate well with one another?

Regular communication is key. Attend daily stand-up meetings, provide detailed defect reports with clear steps to reproduce, and participate in collaborative discussions about requirements and design. Maintain an open and respectful channel for sharing information, feedback, and updates.

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