Software Engineering: Question Set – 25

Software Engineering: Question Set – 25

Define Recovery Testing

It is utilised in the process of validating the capability of software to restart after a “disaster.”

Define Security Testing

Its purpose is to ensure that adequate controls have been devised and implemented.

Define Usability Testing

The Human Computer Interface is being evaluated here. Ensures that end customers will have an easy time using the product. Tests the ease with which the software can be learned, including the user documentation. Verifies how well the software performs in terms of supporting the activities of the user. Examines the system’s capacity to bounce back from mistakes made by users.

Define Configuration Testing

It is used in situations where different kinds of people will be using the software. In addition to this, it determines whether the software functions properly for all users.

Define Performance Testing

It is checking to see if the software can meet the requirements that have been set for its performance.

Define Installation Testing

Testing of the system was carried out once more in accordance with the requirements for the hardware configuration. Verification of the installation procedures is also possible.

Define User Acceptance Testing

Testing that is carried out with the purpose of determining whether or not a system satisfies its acceptance criteria and providing the customer with the ability to decide whether or not to accept the system. It is done in accordance with the specifications, and genuine users perform the work.

Define Functional Testing

It validates that the functional specifications have been enacted in the appropriate manner. Can also check to see if the non-functional behaviour is in line with what is expected.

Define Stress testing

In order to test the capabilities of the software, we use input that is outside of its normal range. The maximum capacity of the input data volume, input data rate, processing time, and utilisation of memory, among other things, are all subjected to extensive testing.

Define Unit Testing

Unit testing involves the use of tools such as debuggers and tracers, and it is performed by programmers. Unit testing is a type of software testing that verifies the functionality of individual software components that can be tested independently.