Software Engineering: Question Set – 03

Software Engineering: Question Set – 03

What are the responsibilities of a Software Project Manager?

A Software Project Manager is the person responsible for ensuring that the project is carried through to its intended conclusion successfully. The Software Project Manager is accountable for ensuring that all members of the team adhere to a methodical and clearly articulated strategy during the development of software.

The following responsibilities also fall under the purview of a software project manager:

  • Project planning
  • Project status tracking
  • Resource management
  • Risk management
  • Project delivery within time and budget.

Explain the concept of Modularization.

The process of modularization is used to separate software into its many individual components, often known as modules. Independent development and quality assurance teams are assigned to work on each individual module. The end outcome would be to integrate many modules into a single functional component. This would be the case.

What is Software Configuration Management?

The process of recording and regulating the changes that take place during the software development lifecycle is referred to as software configuration management (or SCM for short). Any modification that is made while developing software needs to be recorded through a procedure that is both well-defined and well managed.

During the development of software, any modifications that are made can be controlled more easily thanks to configuration management, which monitors and manages these changes according to a predetermined procedure.

What do you mean by Software Scope?

The collection of functions that are made available by a piece of software is referred to as its “scope.” Estimates can be made regarding the likes of time allocation, money allocation, and resource allocation on the basis of the scope of the software.

What is the SDLC model that you have used in your previous project?

The answer to this question is dependent on the level of experience possessed by the individual being interviewed. If the candidate identifies the software development life cycle (SDLC) model as Waterfall, the interviewer will begin asking questions about the Waterfall model. On the other hand, if the candidate identifies the SDLC model as Agile, the interviewer will begin asking terms related to the Agile methodology, such as Scrum, Sprint, and so on.

What is SRS?

Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document is what is meant by the abbreviation SRS. It is a document that should be used to record all of the requirements, both functional and non-functional, for a product. There is no requirement that every SDLC model adhere to SRS documents; for example, some models record requirements in the form of user stories, while others record requirements in the form of excel sheets, etc.