Software Engineering: Question Set – 33

Software Engineering: Question Set – 33

When it comes to the process of developing software, what part does a quality assurance analyst play?

The responsibility for assuring the quality and dependability of software products falls on the shoulders of a QA analyst. They are responsible for the creation and execution of test cases, the identification of faults, working in collaboration with developers, and working to enhance the software development process as a whole.

What is the primary distinction between functional testing and regression testing?

Functional testing verifies that a software application’s separate components are operating in accordance with their respective design goals. The purpose of regression testing is to determine whether or not recently implemented code changes have affected previously established functionality. It ensures that previously tested sections do not experience an increase in the number of problems caused by newly introduced code changes..

When there is a limited amount of time available for testing, how do you decide which activities to prioritise?

The process of prioritisation entails determining which functions are vital, which areas are high risk, and which features are used most often. It is vital to concentrate testing efforts on the areas that are most likely to have an effect on users or that, if they fail, will result in severe problems.

Could you provide me an explanation of the test-driven development (TDD) concept?

An technique to software development known as test-driven development involves writing tests before actually coding anything. After defining the required behaviour with the help of automated tests, developers build code to ensure that the tests continue to pass. This makes it more likely that the code will fulfil the requirements and keep its functionality despite any future modifications.

What exactly is a test plan, and what components must to be incorporated into it?

A test plan is a document that defines the testing strategy that will be used for a project. It provides information regarding the objectives, scope, testing activities, resources, and schedule, as well as the entry and exit criteria. Additionally, the testing environments, tools, and duties of the testing team are defined under this document.

What are the objectives of using a test case?

When testing a particular feature or operation, the activities that should be carried out and the results that should be anticipated are outlined in a document known as a test case. It offers a method that is organised and structured to validate software in a methodical manner.

In the context of software testing, what exactly is the difference between validation and verification?

The difference between verification and validation is that verification determines whether or not the programme adheres to its specifications, whereas validation determines whether or not the software satisfies user needs and expectations.

Are you able to elaborate on the idea of smoke testing?

A preliminary test known as smoke testing is performed on an application to validate its most fundamental features and functions. It assists in the identification of serious faults prior to the performance of more extensive testing.

What course of action would you recommend taking in the event that a developer took issue with the bug that you reported?

It is essential to keep the lines of communication open at all times. Talk to the developer about the issue and provide them with evidence that was gleaned through your testing. Encourage collaboration in order to gain a deeper understanding of the problem and to come up with a solution that will improve the quality of the programme as a whole.

The testing process for mobile applications: how should it be approached?

Mobile testing includes verifying compatibility across a variety of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes, among other features. Touch interactions, app responsiveness, and network connectivity are some of the other aspects that are covered by this.

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