Software Engineering: Question Set – 20

Software Engineering: Question Set – 20

What is modularization?

A software system can be modularized by breaking it up into smaller, more manageable pieces. That’s supposed to work all by itself.

Tell me about some project management tools.

Different software projects need for different kinds of management tools. The Pert Chart, Gantt Chart, Resource Histogram, Status Reports, etc.

What is Software configuration management?

Monitoring and regulating software modifications is the goal of software configuration management.

The purpose of change control is to make sure that any and all modifications made to a piece of software are uniform and are developed in accordance with the established policies and procedures of the business.

Give me the differences between tags and branches.

Releases, which are marked with tags, serve as staging areas for future versioning. As soon as such updates are merged into the main trunk, however, the branch is removed.

What is the main difference between a stub, and a mock?

Mock often validates outputs against expectations, while stubs are basic implementations of interfaces that deliver hardcoded data. The test is responsible for establishing such requirements.

Is it possible to execute multiple catch blocks for a single try statement?

Yes. For each try statement, several catch blocks may be executed.

How can you measure project execution?

Utilizing tools like Activity Monitoring, Status Reports, and Milestone Checklists, we may evaluate how well a project is being carried out.

What language do you like to write programming algorithms?

When it comes to the best options for a programming language, every developer has their own opinion. Although, as they are more adaptable, high-level languages are the ones to utilise. Similar to C and C++

When do you need to declare a class as abstract?

These are the circumstances in which we should declare a class to be abstract:

  • First, if the class is descended from an abstract one but does not completely override all of the abstract methods.
  • Second, if at least one of the class’s methods is an abstract type.

What is software metric?

Metrics for several stages of the software development process are available on Software Metrics and are organised as follows:

  • Requirement metrics: Length requirements, completeness
  • Product metrics: Number of coding Lines, Object-oriented metrics, design and test metrics.

Why using catch (exception) is always a bad idea?

Due to the following reasons, this is a bad plan:

  • As there is no variable defined, it is not possible to read the exception
  • It’s good to use an exception when you have known exception types.

What type of data is passed via HTTP Headers?

Script and metadata are passed via HTTP headers.

Where is a protected class-level variable available?

Protected class-level variables are available to any sub-class derived from the base class.