Software Engineering: Question Set – 21

Software Engineering: Question Set – 21

Do you think that the maintenance of software is expensive?

Using the right software development approach, in my opinion, will ensure that software maintenance costs remain low.

What is concurrency and how it is achieved in software?

Actions and occurrences often occur concurrently, a phenomenon known as concurrency. Concurrent processes are processes in software that run at the same time.

What is essential for testing the quality of the code?

Having a solid unit testing framework is crucial in my opinion for ensuring code quality.

When do you use polymorphism?

When a child class needs to modify the behaviour of its parent class, polymorphism is employed. Class sharing and multi-party contracts are at issue here.

Briefly define top-down and bottom-up design model.

Whereas the top-down approach begins with a high-level, holistic picture of the system and breaks it down into more detailed parts, the bottom-up approach begins with the smallest, most fundamental parts and builds up from there.

How do you prioritize requirements?

First, you need to design a system by evaluating the data structure. Then you should move on to the code structure needed to support it.

What are functional requirements?

To put it simply, functional requirements are the features and parameters that consumers need to be able to use the proposed software.

What are non-functional requirements?

Security, performance, user interface appearance and feel, interoperability, pricing, etc. are all examples of non-functional requirements.

How can you gather requirements?

Interviews, surveys, task analysis, brainstorming, domain research, prototyping, studying already useable software versions, and plain old snooping can all be used to glean user input for requirements.

What is a software metric?

To quantify the many facets of the software development life cycle and the software itself, we have Software Metrics. Their categories are as follows:

  • Requirement metrics: Length requirements, completeness
  • Product metrics: Lines of Code, Object-oriented metrics, design and test metrics
  • Process metrics: Evaluate and track budget, schedule, and human resources.

What is software measure?

What we mean by “Software Measures” is the act of assigning numerical values to qualitative characteristics of software.

What is the difference between function oriented and object oriented design?

An important aspect of function-oriented design is its emphasis on modularity. Any given function can do crucial system tasks. Real-world objects (entities), their corresponding classes (groupings), and the methods that operate on objects are the basis of object-oriented design (functions).