Software Engineering: Question Set – 28

Software Engineering: Question Set – 28

Mention the benefits of Smoke-testing.

Some of the benefits of Smoke-testing are listed below:

  • It minimizes the risk of integration
  • It improves the end-product quality
  • It simplifies the diagnosis and correction of errors
  • It makes assessing progress easy

Differentiate between functional and object-oriented programming.

  • Programming that is functional and programming that is object-oriented are both utilised in the development of software. The following are the key distinctions between them:
  • The difference between functional programming and object-oriented programming is that the former makes use of and is dependent on mathematical functions, while the latter makes use of object classes that are closely tied to the functions. Only functions are used in the work that is done in functional programming. In object-oriented programming, it is possible to encapsulate functions into their own objects. Python, Javascript, Scala, and Haskell are examples of programming languages that are supported by functional programming. Python, Java, C++, Lisp, and Perl are examples of programming languages that are supported by object-oriented programming.

Mention the limitations of the RAD model.

  • The RAD paradigm has the following limitation: This model has a requirement that is sufficiently high for the amount of human resources that are needed to establish the appropriate number of teams.
  • If the system’s developers and users do not maintain their dedication, it will not function properly.
  • It is possible for there to be complications with the building components if the system is not modularized correctly.
  • This methodology cannot be used if the level of technical risk is significant.
  • You can talk about occasions in the past when you were confronted with similar restrictions and how you managed to work around them when addressing questions regarding the limitations of specific models that are asked in software development interviews.

What is Software Engineering?

The process of developing a software product in a manner that is both well-defined and systematic is referred to as software engineering. To put it another way, the creation of software through the application of scientific principles, methods, and procedures.

Explain the role of a Software Project Manager.

It is the job of the project manager to ensure that the software development project is carried out in a methodical manner. A software project manager’s primary roles and responsibilities include project planning, tracking the progress of the project, risk management, resource management, execution of development activities, and delivering the project within the constraints of cost, time, and quality.

What is Change Control?

Change control monitors all software modifications in order to guarantee that the most recent fixes and enhancements are applied in accordance with the requirements of the business.

What is Software Project Estimation?

The process of calculating the development costs, including the amount of effort, time, and resources that are required to deliver a project is referred to as project estimation. Estimations of future project costs can be derived from previous project experiences, with the assistance of consulting professionals, or with the assistance of standard predefined business formulas.

What is a Baseline?

Project managers are responsible for establishing baselines in order to monitor the delivery of the overall project. In most cases, baselines are established in order to monitor the overall tasks that are listed under a stage or phase. Project managers are able to better track and monitor the overall execution of a project with the assistance of baselines.

What is a Software Project Scope?

In order to provide an outline of the activities that are carried out during the design, development, and delivery of a software product, a scope document is utilized. In other words, the scope of the project includes information regarding what it intends to deliver as well as what it does not intend to deliver. In addition, information regarding the software product that was developed and what it does and does not include is outlined in the scope.