Software Engineering: Question Set – 08

Software Engineering: Question Set – 08

What is the difference between an EXE and a DLL?

An executable programme is referred to as an exe, while a dynamic link library, or DLL, is a file that may be loaded and executed by other applications in a dynamic manner. It is a repository for programme code that is located on the internet. Since they are two separate programmes, you should reuse the same DLL rather than having that code in either of their files. Additionally, it minimises the amount of storage space that is necessary.

How to find the size of a software product?

The size of a software package can be determined using one of the two approaches that are shown below.

  • Counting the lines of delivered code
  • Counting delivered function points

What are functional and non-functional requirements?

The functional requirements of a proposed software product are the functional features that end users anticipate receiving from the software.
The functionality of the user interface, its appearance and feel, its performance, and its level of security are all examples of non-functional criteria.

What is the major difference between structured English and Pseudo Code?

The native form of the English language is structured English. The structure of a programme module can be written with its assistance. It uses programming language keywords. Pseudo Code, on the other hand, is more comparable to the programming language that lacks the syntax of any particular language.

Which process model removes defects before the software gets into trouble?

The cleanroom software engineering process eliminates faults in the programme before the programme causes any problems.

What are the key differences between a thread and a process, and how do they work?

An instance of a computer programme is referred to as a process. It is possible to have one or more threads within a single programme at the same time.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is described as the function of taking a methodical, disciplined, and measurable approach to the creation of software as well as its operations and maintenance.

What are the challenges in software?

The following are the challenges posed by the software:

  • Copying with legacy systems.
  • Heterogeneity challenge.
  • Delivery times challenge.