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Writing is not the cup of tea of everyone. Many can read, but very few can write. It takes time, guts and thought provoking process to write the things which other read.

Telling your stories, expressing your ideas and creatively exhibiting your ideas is not an easy task. Its a continues process of reading, thinking, writing and editing. Its endless process, but still people writes, people writes a lot, why ?

Be an Author

Why should you write?

Writing makes you to read, and reading makes you knowledgeable. Knowledge was wealth in past, knowledge is prosperity in present and knowledge will be power in future.

This is self-evident. Some people write merely for the sake of writing. They enjoy putting words on paper, telling stories, and informing others. Even if your work does not earn a profit, enjoyment can keep you motivated.

There are numerous ways to assist people. Some writers feel obligated to help by raising awareness of an issue, teaching others on a subject, or assisting others in dealing with emotions or situations.

Many times people have ideas, but they lack platform to express them. If you have something within you and you want to express, you are at right place.

We, at CodeCrucks provide you free opportunities to express yourself. Yes, you got it right, you can be an author at CodeCrucks !

Advantages of Being Author at CodeCrucks:

  • Nurture yourself under guidance of mentor
  • Express your ideas on global platform
  • Get customized link to share your articles with your friends, family and community
  • Get recognition as an Author / Blogger
  • Reach to maximum people to share your ideas and knowledge
  • Make your CV stronger by writing creative and useful content

If you are interested in writing articles, drop an e-mail at [email protected].

Let’s bring the author within you to life.

Thanks !