Software Engineering: Question Set – 18

Software Engineering: Question Set – 18

What is the difference between structured English and Pseudo Code?

Structured English is a form of native English language that is used to write the structure of a programme module by making use of programming language keywords. On the other hand, Pseudo Code is a form of native English language that is closer to the programming language and makes use of native English language words or sentences to write parts of code.

Can you differentiate computer software and computer program?

A piece of programming code that executes a certain task is referred to as a computer programme. On the other hand, software encompasses not only the programming code but also its documentation and user guide.

What is a data dictionary?

The term “data dictionary” refers to what is known as “meta-data.” That is to say, it is a storehouse for information pertaining to information. The names and references that are used in a system, such as those for objects and files, as well as the naming rules for those things, are organised with the use of a data dictionary.

Which SDLC model is the best?

The requirements of the development process are used to guide the adoption of SDLC models. When determining whether model is appropriate, the software you’re using could make a difference.
If the following questions are answered correctly, we will be able to choose the optimal SDLC model.

  • Is SDLC suitable for selected technology to implement the software ?
  • Is SDLC appropriate for client’s requirements and priorities ?
  • Is SDLC model suitable for size and complexity of the software ?
  • Is the SDLC model suitable for type of projects and engineering we do ?
  • Is the SDLC appropriate for the geographically co-located or dispersed developers ?

What is software project management?

The process of managing all of the activities, such as managing time, money, and quality, that are involved in the creation of software is referred to as software project management.

What does software project manager do?

Activities related to software management are being undertaken by the software project manager. He is accountable for the planning of the project, the monitoring of its progress, the management of risks and resources, the efficient execution of development, and the delivery of the project within the constraints of time, money, and quality.

What is software scope?

The software scope is a boundary that is clearly delineated and takes into account all of the actions that are carried out in order to build and deliver the software product.
All of the features and artefacts that are expected to be supplied as a part of the software are defined in detail inside the product’s scope. The scope specifies what the end product will contain as well as what it will not contain, as well as the activities that the product will perform as well as those that it will not perform.

What is project estimation?

The process of estimating the numerous facets of a software product in order to assess the cost of its creation in terms of the amount of time, effort, and resources required is known as software cost estimation. This estimation can be determined from previous experience, by interviewing experts, or by utilising pre-defined algorithms. All three of these methods are viable options.

What are software project estimation techniques available?

There are various estimating approaches available. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Decomposition technique (Counting Lines of Code and Function Points)
  • Empirical technique (Putnam and COCOMO).

What is change control?

Change control is a function of configuration management that serves the purpose of ensuring that any modifications made to a software system are uniform and carried out in accordance with the policies and procedures of the company.