Algorithm: MCQ Set – 15

Algorithm: MCQ Set – 15

Q141: Greedy Algorithms have following characteristic.

  • (A) Objective function
  • (B) Feasible solution
  • (C) Selection function
  • (D) All of these

Q142: Maximum number of edges in a n node graph is

  • (A) n(n-1)/2
  • (B) n2
  • (C) n2 log(n)
  • (D) n+1

Q143: Which of the following sorting algorithm has minimum worst case time complexity?

  • (A) Selection Sort
  • (B) Bubble Sort
  • (C) Quick Sort
  • (D) Merge Sort

Q144: Longest Common Subsequence Problem can be solved by

  • (A) Greedy Method
  • (B) Divide & Conquer
  • (C) Dynamic Programming
  • (D) None of these

Q145: Applying Krushkal’s algorithm to find Minimum Spanning Tree is more suitable for

  • (A) Sparse Matrix
  • (B) Dense Graph
  • (C) Sparse Graph
  • (D) None of these

Q146: “Preconditioning” term  is used with

  • (A) Linked List
  • (B) Dequeue
  • (C) Graph
  • (D) Priority Queue

Q147: Branch & Bound Technique uses

  • (A) Lower Bound
  • (B) Upper Bound
  • (C) Both Lower Bound & Upper Bound
  • (D) None of these