Algorithm: MCQ Set – 05

Algorithm: MCQ Set – 05

Q41: Which of the following sorting algorithm has minimum worst case time complexity?

  • (A) Selection sort
  • (B) Bubble sort
  • (C) Quick sort
  • (D) Merge sort

Q42: An algorithm is made up of 2 modules Ml and M2. If order of M1 is f(n) and M2 is g(n) then the order of the algorithm is

  • (A) max (f (n) ,g (n))
  • (B) min (f (n) ,g (n) )
  • (C) f (n) + g (n)
  • (D) f (n) x g (n )

Q43: When we say the order of a tree is M, we mean

  • (A) Every non-leaf node must have M subtrees
  • (B) Every non-leaf node must have M keys
  • (C) Every non-leaf node can have at most M subtrees
  • (D) The Height of the tree is M.

Q44: Heap Tree is

  • (A) Complete Binary Tree
  • (B) Cyclic Graph
  • (C) 3-way Search Tree
  • (D) Forest

Q45: Minimum no. of states to Search/Recognize string “nano” with Finite Automata is

  • (A) 2
  • (B) 3
  • (C) 4
  • (D) 5

Q46: The height  of heap tree of N data is

  • (A) O(N)
  • (B) O(N log(N))
  • (C) O(log(N) )
  • (D) O(2N)

Q47: f(n) = θ (g(n) ) is

  • (A) g(n) is asymptotic upper bound for f(n)
  • (B) g(n) is asymptotic tight bound for f(n)
  • (C) g(n) is asymptotic lower bound for f(n)
  • (D) None of these

Q48: What is the running time of an efficient algorithm to find an Euler Tour in a graph if one exists?

  • (A) O( |V| )
  • (B) O( |E| )
  • (C) O( |V| |E| )
  • (D) O( |V|2 )

Q49: Quick sort is also known as

  • (A) merge sort
  • (B) heap sort
  • (C) bubble sort
  • (D) None of these

Q50: The concept of Order (Big O) is important because

  • (A) It can be used to decide the best algorithm that solves a given problem
  • (B) It determine the Maximum space occupied by the algorithm
  • (C) It is the lower bound of the growth rate of the algorithm
  • (D) None of these