Algorithm: MCQ Set – 14

Algorithm: MCQ Set – 14

Q131: In the division method for creating hash function, which of the following hash table size is appropriate?

  • (A) 2
  • (B) 4
  • (C) 7
  • (D) 8

Q132: What is the minimum number of Stacks of size n required to implement a Queue of size n?

  • (A) 1
  • (B) 2
  • (C) 3
  • (D) 4

Q133: In a binary max heap containing n elements, the smallest element can be found in

  • (A) θ (1 )
  • (B) θ (n )
  • (C) θ (log(n) )
  • (D) θ (nlog(n) )

Q134: Chained Matrix Multiplication problem can be solved by

  • (A) Greedy Method
  • (B) Dynamic Programming
  • (C) Backtracking
  • (D) None of these

Q135: Which of the method is used to solve Recurrences?

  • (A) Substitution Method
  • (B) Recursive Tree Method
  • (C) Master Method
  • (D) All of these

Q136: In Hamiltonian Cycle for n vertices, we 

  • (A) Can visit to same vertex two times
  • (B) Can’t visit same vertex more than one time
  • (C) Can omit one vertex
  • (D) None of these

Q137: Which of the following functions are often referred as “exponential growth function”?

  • (A) 2n, log(n)
  • (B) 2n, n!
  • (C) n!, nlog(n)
  • (D) n!, log(n)

Q138: Which of the following is not a property of algorithm?

  • (A) Finiteness
  • (B) Effectiveness
  • (C) Unambiguousness
  • (D) None of these