Algorithm: MCQ Set – 11

Algorithm: MCQ Set – 11

Q101: Which of the following is type of amortized analysis?

  • (A) Aggregate Method
  • (B) Accounting Method
  • (C) Potential Method
  • (D) All of these

Q102: Divide and Conquer method is not suitable to solve Problem like

  • (A) Merge Sort
  • (B) Finding Minimum Spanning Tree
  • (C) Exponentiation
  • (D) Binary Search

Q103: Level  Ordered Traversal of a Rooted Tree can be done by starting from the root and performing

  • (A) In-order traversal
  • (B) Preorder traversal
  • (C) Breadth First Search
  • (D) Depth First Search

Q104: Which of the following is not a Graph Traversal technique?

  • (A) In-order Traversal
  • (B) BFS
  • (C) DFS
  • (D) None of These

Q105: If there is an NP-Complete Language L whose Complement is in NP, Then the Complement of any Language in NP is in

  • (A) P
  • (B) NP
  • (C) Both A and B
  • (D) None of these

Q106: Applying Prim’s algorithm to find Minimum Spanning Tree is more suitable for

  • (A) Sparse Matrix
  • (B) Dense Graph
  • (C) Sparse Graph
  • (D) None of these

Q107: Min-max Principle is used for

  • (A) Gaming
  • (B) Finding Minimum Spanning Tree
  • (C) Finding Non Leaf Node
  • (D) Divide and Conquer

Q108: Simple Merge merges

  • (A) Two sorted array
  • (B) Two unsorted array
  • (C) Two Trees
  • (D) None of these