Algorithm: MCQ Set – 12

Algorithm: MCQ Set – 12

Q111: Divide and Conquer is a general design paradigm does not consist the following part

  • (A) Divide
  • (B) Recursion
  • (C) Iteration
  • (D) Conquer

Q112: “Chained Matrix Multiplication” can be solved by

  • (A) Dynamic Programming
  • (B) Greedy Method
  • (C) Branch & Bound
  • (D) Backtracking

Q113: Which of the following Pairs of traversals define Binary Tree uniquely?

  • (A) Pre-order and Post-order
  • (B) In-order and Pre-order
  • (C) Level –order and Post-order
  • (D) None of these

Q114: Greedy algorithms have following characteristics

  • (A) Objective function
  • (B) Feasible solution
  • (C) Selection Function
  • (D) All of these

Q115: Both P and NP are closed under the operation of

  • (A) Union
  • (B) Intersection
  • (C) Concatenation
  • (D) Kleene’s

Q116: Algorithm analysis is useful for finding

  • (A) Space Complexity
  • (B) Time Complexity
  • (C) Correctness
  • (D) All of these

Q117: The approach used by linear search is

  • (A) Greedy
  • (B) Divide & Conquer
  • (C) Probabilistic
  • (D) Brute-Force

Q118: In Dynamic Programming after table is created of m rows and n columns, finding a particular solution takes order of

  • (A) log(m)
  • (B) m*n
  • (C) m+n
  • (D) n2