Data Structures: MCQ Set – 11

Data Structures: MCQ Set – 11

Q101: The traveling salesman problem involves n cities with paths connecting the cities. The time taken for traversing through all the cities, without knowing in advance the length of a minimum tour, is

  • (A) O(n)
  • (B) O(n2)
  • (C) O(n!)
  • (D) O(n/2)
  • (E) O(2n)

Q102: What data structure would you mostly likely see in a non-recursive implementation of a recursive algorithm?

  • (A) Stack
  • (B) Linked list
  • (C) Queue
  • (D) Trees

Q103: A node in a linked list must contain at least

  • (A) Three fields
  • (B) Two fields
  • (C) Four fields
  • (D) One field

Q104: The data structure required to evaluate a postfix expression is

  • (A) Queue
  • (B) Stack
  • (C) Array
  • (D) Linked-list

Q105: The postfix expression AB + CD – * can be evaluated using a

  • (A) stack
  • (B) tree
  • (C) queue
  • (D) linked list

Q106: Applications of Linked List are

  • (A) Simulation, event driven systems
  • (B) Postfix and prefix manipulations
  • (C) Dictionary systems, polynomial manipulations
  • (D) Fixed block storage allocation, garbage collection

Q107: The data structure which allows the insertion at both the ends, but allows the deletion at only one end is __

  • (A) Output restricted Deque
  • (B) Input restricted Deque
  • (C) Circular queue
  • (D) Linear queue
  • (E) Priority queue.

Q108: Overflow condition in linked list may occur when attempting to_____

  • (A) Create a node when free space pool is empty.
  • (B) Traverse the nodes when free space pool is empty.
  • (C) Create a node when linked list is empty.
  • (D) None of these.

Q109: A linear collection of data elements where the linear node is given by means of pointer is called

  • (A) Linked list
  • (B) Node list
  • (C) Primitive list
  • (D) None of these

Q110: Which is true regarding BFS?

  • (A) BFS will get trapped exploring a single path
  • (B) The entire tree so far been generated must be stored in BFS
  • (C) BFS is not guaranteed to find a solution, if exists
  • (D) BFS is nothing but Binary First Search
  • (E) BFS is one type of sorting.