Data Structures: MCQ Set – 09

Data Structures: MCQ Set – 09

Q81: What is Data Structure ?

  • (A) Way to organize data
  • (B) Accessing of data elements in specified manner
  • (C) Organization of mathematical and logical concepts
  • (D) All of Above

Q82: An algorithm that calls itself directly or indirectly is known as

  • (A) Sub algorithm
  • (B) Recursion
  • (C) Polish notation
  • (D) Traversal algorithm

Q83: The number of edges in a complete graph of n vertices is

  • (A) n
  • (B) n(n – 1)/2
  • (C) n(n + 1)/2
  • (D) n2/2

Q84: The complexity of the average case of an algorithm is

  • (A) Much more complicated to analyze than that of worst case
  • (B) Much more simpler to analyze than that of worst case
  • (C) Sometimes more complicated and some other times simpler than that of worst case
  • (D) None or above

Q85: The time complexity of binary search in best, worst cases for an array of size N is

  • (A) N, N2
  • (B) N, N
  • (C) Log N, N2
  • (D) 1, N log N
  • (E) 1, log N

Q86: This algorithm scans the list by swapping the entries whenever pair of adjacent keys are out of desired order

  • (A) Insertion sort
  • (B) Quick sort
  • (C) Shell sort
  • (D) Bubble sort
  • (E) Radix sort

Q87: What is the value of the postfix expression 6 3 2 4 + – *

  • (A) Something between 5 and 15
  • (B) Something between -5 and -15
  • (C) Something between -15 and -100
  • (D) Something between 15 and 100.

Q88: Which of the following is not one of the process that a high level language program must go through before it is ready to be executed?

  • (A) translation
  • (B) controlling
  • (C) lading
  • (D) linking
  • (E) all of the above are necessary process

Q89: One disadvantage of a direct access file is:

  • (A) the delay in computing the storage address
  • (B) duplication of address locations
  • (C) unused, but available, storage locations
  • (D) all of above

Q90: The post order traversal of a binary tree is DEBFCA. Find out the preorder traversal.

  • (A) ABFCDE
  • (B) ADBFEC
  • (C) ABDECF
  • (D) None of the above