Data Structures: MCQ Set – 08

Data Structures: MCQ Set – 08

Q71: Which data structure is used to implement priority queue?

  • (A) Stack
  • (B) Queue
  • (C) Min Heap
  • (D) Max Heap

Q72: The operation of processing element is called ?

  • (A) Traversing
  • (B) Inserting
  • (C) Deleting
  • (D) Searching

Q73: A binary tree in which if all its levels except possibly the last, have the maximum number of nodes and all the nodes at the last level appear as far left as possible, is known as

  • (A) Full binary tree
  • (B) AVL tree
  • (C) Threaded tree
  • (D) Complete binary tree

Q74: The complexity of Binary search algorithm is

  • (A) O(n)
  • (B) O(log n)
  • (C) O(n2)
  • (D) O(n log n)

Q75: Searching the linked list requires linked list be created in ____

  • (A) Ascending order
  • (B) Descending order
  • (C) With underflow condition
  • (D) Any order
  • (E) Without underflow condition.

Q76: I have implemented the queue with a circular array, keeping track of first, last, and count (the number of items in the array). Suppose first is zero, and last is SIZE-1. What can you tell me about count? The problem space of means-end analysis has

  • (A) count must be zero.
  • (B) count must be SIZE
  • (C) count must be SIZE-2
  • (D) count must be SIZE+1
  • (E) count could be zero or SIZE, but no other values could occur.

Q77: What kind of list is best to answer questions such as “What is the item at position n?”

  • (A) Lists implemented with an array
  • (B) Doubly-linked lists
  • (C) Singly-linked lists
  • (D) Doubly-linked or singly-linked lists are equally best
  • (E) Circular linked list implemented with priorities

Q78: Which of the following is most oriented to scientific programming?

  • (B) COBOL
  • (C) BASIC
  • (D) PL/1
  • (E) RPG

Q79: Which of the following file organization is most efficient for a file with a high degree of file activity?

  • (A) sequential
  • (B) ISAM
  • (C) VSAM
  • (D) B-Tree
  • (E) All of above

Q80: Quick sort is also known as

  • (A) Merge sort
  • (B) Heap sort
  • (C) Bubble sort
  • (D) None of these