Data Structures: MCQ Set – 06

Data Structures: MCQ Set – 06

Q51: Which data structure is best suited to reverse the string

  • (A) Linked list
  • (B) Stack
  • (C) Queue
  • (D) Circular singly linked list

Q52: The restriction while using the binary search is ?

  • (A) List should be small in number
  • (B) List should be large in number
  • (C) List should be sorted
  • (D) No restriction

Q53: Representation of data structure in memory is known as

  • (A) Recursive
  • (B) Abstract data type
  • (C) Storage structure
  • (D) File structure

Q54: The value of the following expression (13/4*3)%5+1 is

  • (A) 5.75
  • (B) 2.95
  • (C) 1.4875
  • (D) 0.5

Q55: Breadth first search uses __ as an auxiliary structure to hold nodes for future processing

  • (A) Stack
  • (B) Linked list
  • (C) Graph
  • (D) B-Tree
  • (E) Queue

Q56: The Worst case occur in linear search algorithm when

  • (A) Item is somewhere in the middle of the array
  • (B) Item is not in the array at all
  • (C) Item is the last element in the array
  • (D) Item is the last element in the array or is not there at all

Q57: At a given node of a simple graph, the number of loops are _

  • (A) More than one
  • (B) Not more than one
  • (C) Zero
  • (D) Exactly two
  • (E) Equal to the number of nodes of the graph

Q58: All of the following are disadvantage of RPG except:

  • (A) it is a very machine dependent language
  • (B) it is very limited in scope
  • (C) is not suited for complex problems requiring extensive programming logic
  • (D) it has larger storage requirements
  • (E) all of the above are disadvantages

Q59: Which file organization is allowed by a direct access storage device?

  • (A) direct only
  • (B) sequential and direct only
  • (C) indexed and direct only
  • (D) sequential, indexed and direct
  • (E) none of above

Q60: If we have six stack operations pushing and popping each of A, B and C-such that push (A) must occur before push (B) which must occur before push (C), then A, C, B is a possible order for the pop operations, since this could be our sequence : push (A), pop (A), push (B), push (C), pop (C), pop (B). Which one of the following orders could not be the order the pop operations are run, if we are to satisfy the requirements described above ?

  • (A) ABC
  • (B) CBA
  • (C) BAC
  • (D) CAB