Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 08

Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 08

Q71: ________ is defined as the process of generating analysis and designing documents?

  • (A) Re-engineering
  • (B) Reverse engineering
  • (C) Software re-engineering
  • (D) Science and engineering

Q72: __________________ suits the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

  • (A) Customer collaboration
  • (B) Individuals and interactions
  • (C) Working software
  • (D) All of the mentioned

Q73: _______________________ is a software developing team has a defined leader who coordinates specific tasks and secondary leaders that have responsibility for sub tasks.

  • (A) Democratic decentralized (DD)
  • (B) Controlled centralized (CC)
  • (C) Controlled decentralized (CD)
  • (D) None of the mentioned

Q74: What is system software?

  • (A) computer program:
  • (B) Testing
  • (C) AI
  • (D) IOT

Q75: Software Debugging is known as _________________

  • (A) identifying the task to be computerized
  • (B) creating program code
  • (C) creating the algorithm
  • (D) finding and correcting errors in the program code

Q76: What incorporates data, architectural, interface, and procedural representations of the software?

  • (A) design model
  • (B) user’s model
  • (C) mental image
  • (D) system image

Q77: The ____________ of a specification language indicates how the language represents system requirements.

  • (A) semantic domain
  • (B) syntactic domain
  • (C) sequence
  • (D) set

Q78: A _________ defines a set of standards for components, including interface standards, usage standards, and deployment standards.

  • (A) Component-based software engineering
  • (B) Component composition
  • (C) Component model
  • (D) Component interfaces

Q79: Which architecture are reliant on middle-ware?

  • (A) Multi-tier client–server architecture
  • (B) Master-slave architecture
  • (C) Distributed component architecture
  • (D) Peer-to-peer architecture

Q80: We can build Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using Object Oriented (OO) language

  • (A) True
  • (B) False