Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 04

Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 04

Q31: What are the features of Software Code?

  • (A) Simplicity
  • (B) Accessibility
  • (C) Modularity
  • (D) All of the above

Q32: What does SDLC stands for?

  • (A) System Design Life Cycle
  • (B) Software Design Life Cycle
  • (C) Software Development Life Cycle
  • (D) System Development Life cycle

Q33: Faster delivery is possible with CBSE.

  • (A) False
  • (B) True

Q34: Which of the following is not a project factor that should be considered when planning the structure of software developing teams?

  • (A) The rigidity of the delivery date
  • (B) The degree of sociability required for the project
  • (C) High frustration caused by personal, business, or technological factors that causes friction among team members
  • (D) The difficulty of the problem to be solved

Q35: _____________ specification is also known as SRS document.

  • (A) white-box
  • (B) grey-box
  • (C) black-box
  • (D) none of the mentioned

Q36: When users are involved in complex tasks, the demand on __________ can be significant.

  • (A) short-term memory
  • (B) shortcuts
  • (C) objects that appear on the screen
  • (D) all of the mentioned

Q37: Which of the following is a way of making a statement about the elements of a set that is true for every member of the set?

  • (A) Set
  • (B) Sequence
  • (C) Universal quantification
  • (D) Both Set and Sequence

Q38: A component model defines standards for

  • (A) properties
  • (B) methods
  • (C) mechanisms
  • (D) all of the mentioned

Q39: QoS stands for

  • (A) Quality of security
  • (B) Quality of system
  • (C) Quality of service
  • (D) None of the mentioned

Q40: How is SOA different from OO Architecture ?

  • (A) Strong coupling among objects
  • (B) Communications are prescriptive rather than being descriptive
  • (C) Data is separated from a service or behavior
  • (D) Data and methods are integrated into a single object