Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 05

Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 05

Q41: ____________ is a software development activity that is not a part of software processes.

  • (A) Validation
  • (B) Specification
  • (C) Development
  • (D) Dependence

Q42: Who proposed the spiral model?

  • (A) Barry Boehm
  • (B) Pressman
  • (C) Royce
  • (D) IBM

Q43: Who proposed Function Points?

  • (A) Albrecht
  • (B) Jacobson
  • (C) Boehm
  • (D) Booch

Q44: What is the full form of the “COCOMO” model?

  • (A) Cost Constructive Estimation Model
  • (B) Constructive Cost Estimation Model
  • (C) Constructive Case Estimation Model
  • (D) Constructive Cost Estimating Model

Q45: Which of the following is not a part of Software evolution?

  • (A) Re-engineering activities
  • (B) Maintenance activities
  • (C) Development activities
  • (D) Development activities

Q46: Which of the following option is not considered by the Interface design?

  • (A) the design of interfaces between software components
  • (B) the design of interfaces between the software and human producers and consumers of information
  • (C) the design of the interface between two computers
  • (D) all of the mentioned

Q47: Which of the following occurs often due to the bulkiness of a system specification document?

  • (A) Contradictions
  • (B) Ambiguities
  • (C) Vagueness
  • (D) Incompleteness

Q48: Which of the following is not an example of component technology?

  • (A) EJB
  • (B) COM+
  • (C) .NET
  • (D) None of the mentioned

Q49: In Java,_________ are comparable with, though not identical to, RPCs.

  • (A) Remote Method Invocations
  • (B) Operating System
  • (C) Client–server computing
  • (D) None of the mentioned

Q50: Which architecture will be built on top of a SOA ?

  • (A) The Application Architecture
  • (B) The Service Architecture
  • (C) The Component Architecture
  • (D) None of the mentioned