Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 06

Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 06

Q51: Define Agile scrum methodology.

  • (A) project management that emphasizes incremental progress
  • (B) project management that emphasizes decremental progress
  • (C) project management that emphasizes neutral progress
  • (D) project management that emphasizes no progress

Q52: ______________ is not among the eight principles followed by the Software Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

  • (C) PUBLIC

Q53: _________ is a software development life cycle model that is chosen if the development team has less experience on similar projects.

  • (A) Iterative Enhancement Model
  • (B) RAD
  • (C) Spiral
  • (D) Waterfall

Q54: Which one of the following is not a software process quality?

  • (A) Visibility
  • (B) Timeliness
  • (C) Productivity
  • (D) Portability

Q55: ___________ is a Strategy to achieve Software diversity.

  • (A) Explicit specification of different algorithms
  • (B) Different programming languages
  • (C) Different design methods and tools
  • (D) All of the mentioned

Q56: A software might allow a user to interact via

  • (A) keyboard commands
  • (B) mouse movement
  • (C) voice recognition commands
  • (D) all of the mentioned

Q57: The _________ of a formal specification language is often based on a syntax that is derived from standard set theory notation and predicate calculus.

  • (A) semantic domain
  • (B) syntactic domain
  • (C) sequence
  • (D) set

Q58: Which of the following term is best defined by the statement:”The operations on each side of the interface have the same name but their parameter types or the number of parameters are different.”?

  • (A) Parameter incompatibility
  • (B) Operation incompleteness
  • (C) Operation incompatibility
  • (D) None of the mentioned

Q59: . _________ depend on there being a clear separation between the presentation of information and the computations that create and process that information.

  • (A) Master-slave architectures
  • (B) Client–server systems
  • (C) Two-tier client–server architecture
  • (D) Both Master-slave architectures AND Client–server systems

Q60: Which of the following utilities is not a part of Application Service Layer ?

  • (A) Policy implementation
  • (B) QoS
  • (C) Security
  • (D) Verify invoice