Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 02

Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 02

Q11: What is Software Engineering?

  • (A) Designing a software
  • (B) Testing a software
  • (C) Application of engineering principles to the design a software
  • (D) None of the above

Q12: Attributes of good software is ____________

  • (A) Development
  • (B) Maintainability & functionality
  • (C) Functionality
  • (D) Maintainability

Q13: _________ is not a fundamental activity for software processes in software development.

  • (A) Evolution
  • (B) Design and implementation
  • (C) Validation
  • (D) Verification

Q14: The model which has a major disadvantage in terms of the coding phase of a software life cycle model is ________

  • (A) Rad Model
  • (B) Spiral Model
  • (C) 4GT Model
  • (D) Waterfall Model

Q15: According to an IBM research, “31% of projects are abandoned before they are completed, 53% exceed their cost projections by an average of 189 percent, and 94 projects are restarted for every 100 projects.” What is the significance of these figures?

  • (A) Lack of software ethics and understanding
  • (B) Management issues in the company
  • (C) Lack of adequate training
  • (D) All of the mentioned

Q16: Which of the following is not a design principle that allow the user to maintain control?

  • (A) Provide for flexible interaction
  • (B) Allow user interaction to be interrupt-able and undo-able
  • (C) Show technical internals from the casual user
  • (D) Design for direct interaction with objects that appear on the screen

Q17: ___________ are statements that can be interpreted in a number of ways.

  • (A) Contradictions
  • (B) Ambiguities
  • (C) Vagueness
  • (D) Comments

Q18: Which of the following is a feature of CBSE?

  • (A) It increases quality
  • (B) CBSE shortens delivery time
  • (C) CBSE increases productivity
  • (D) All of the mentioned

Q19: Which of the following is not a dimension of scalability?

  • (A) Size
  • (B) Distribution
  • (C) Manageability
  • (D) Interception

Q20: Which of the following is an essential principle of an architecture?

  • (A) Consistency
  • (B) Reliability
  • (C) Scalability
  • (D) All of the mentioned