Machine Learning: MCQs Set – 24

Machine Learning: MCQs Set – 24

Q231: The Q-learning algorithm is a

  • (A) Supervised learning algorithm
  • (B) Unsupervised learning algorithm
  • (C) Semi-supervised learning algorithm
  • (D) Reinforcement learning algorithm

Q232: For categorical data, ____ cannot be used as a measure of central tendency.

  • (A) Median
  • (B) Mean
  • (C) Quartile
  • (D) None of the above

Q233: Which of the following measure is not used for a classification model?

  • (A) Accuracy
  • (B) Recall
  • (C) Error rate
  • (D) Purity

Q234: n-gram of size 1 is called

  • (A) Bigram
  • (B) Unigram
  • (C) Trigram
  • (D) None of the above

Q235: Cosine similarity is most popularly used in

  • (A) Text classification
  • (B) Image classification
  • (C) Feature selection
  • (D) None of the above

Q236: In statistical terms, this represents the weighted average score.

  • (A) Variance
  • (B) Mean
  • (C) Median
  • (D) More

Q237: Price prediction in the domain of real estate is an example of?

  • (A) Unsupervised Learning
  • (B) Supervised Regression Problem
  • (C) Supervised Classification Problem
  • (D) Categorical Attribute

Q238: This step of supervised learning determines ‘the type of training dataset’.

  • (A) Problem Identification
  • (B) Identification of Required Data
  • (C) Data Pre-processing
  • (D) Definition of Training Data Set

Q239: What is the meaning of hard margin in SVM?

  • (A) SVM allows very low error in classification
  • (B) SVM allows high amount of error in classification
  • (C) Underfitting
  • (D) SVM is highly flexible

Q240: What would be the relationship between the training time taken by 1-NN, 2-NN, and 3-NN?

  • (A) 1-NN > 2-NN > 3-NN
  • (B) 1-NN < 2-NN < 3-NN
  • (C) 1-NN ~ 2-NN ~ 3-NN
  • (D) None of these