Machine Learning: MCQs Set – 21

Machine Learning: MCQs Set – 21

Q201: Different learning methods does not include

  • (A) Memorization
  • (B) Analogy
  • (C) Deduction
  • (D) Introduction

Q202: For box plot, the upper and lower whisker length depends on

  • (A) Median
  • (B) Mean
  • (C) IQR
  • (D) All of the above

Q203: Structured representation of raw input data to meaningful ___ is called a model.

  • (A) pattern
  • (B) data
  • (C) object
  • (D) none of the above

Q204: There is no one model that works best for every machine learning problem. This is stated as

  • (A) Fit gap model theorem
  • (B) One model theorem
  • (C) Free lunch theorem
  • (D) No free lunch theorem

Q205: PCA is a technique for

  • (A) Feature extraction
  • (B) Feature construction
  • (C) Feature selection
  • (D) None of the above

Q206: p(A, B) = p(A ∩ B) = p(A | B) . p(B) is referred as:

  • (A) Conditional probability
  • (B) Unconditional probability
  • (C) Bayes rule
  • (D) Product rule

Q207: Bayesian methods can perform better than the other methods while validating the hypotheses that make probabilistic predictions.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q208: This is the first step in the supervised learning model.

  • (A) Problem Identification
  • (B) Identification of Required Data
  • (C) Data Pre-processing
  • (D) Definition of Training Data Set

Q209: The distance between hyperplane and data points is called as:

  • (A) Hyper Plan
  • (B) Margins
  • (C) Error
  • (D) Support Vectors

Q210: Which of the following will be Euclidean distance between the two data points A(4,3) and B(2,3)?

  • (A) 1
  • (B) 2
  • (C) 4
  • (D) 8