C Programming: MCQ Set – 05

C Programming: MCQ Set – 05

Q41: Which of the following storage devices can store maximum amount of data?

  • (A) Floppy Disk
  • (B) Hard Disk
  • (C) Compact Disk
  • (D) Magneto Optic Disk

Q42: If a = 5 and b = 7 then the statement p = (a > b) : a ? b

  • (A) assigns a value 5 to p
  • (B) assigns a value 7 to p
  • (C) assigns a value 8 to p
  • (D) gives an error message

Q43: Which of the following is not a correct variable type?

  • (A) float
  • (B) real
  • (C) int
  • (D) double

Q44: C language was invented by

  • (A) Abacus
  • (B) Charles babage
  • (C) Thomson
  • (D) Dennis Ritchie

Q45: A variable which is visible only in the function in which it is defined, is called

  • (A) Static variable
  • (B) Auto variable
  • (C) External variable
  • (D) Local variable

Q46: ________ unit controls the flow and manipulation of data and information.

  • (A) Arithmetic logic
  • (B) Central
  • (C) Middle
  • (D) Control

Q47: The C language includes the header file standard input & output in

  • (A) stdlib.h library
  • (B) stdio.h library
  • (C) conio.h library
  • (D) #include library

Q48: From the point of view of the programmer, what are the major advantages of using a high-level language rather than internal machine code or assembly language ?

  • (A) Program portability
  • (B) Easy development
  • (C) Efficiency
  • (D) None of the above

Q49: It is necessary to declare the type of function in the calling program if

  • (A) Function returns an integer
  • (B) Function returns a non-integer value
  • (C) Function is not defined in the same file
  • (D) Function is called number of times

Q50: Which of the following was not associated with second generation computers?

  • (A) High level procedural language
  • (B) Operating system
  • (C) Magnetic core and transistor
  • (D) All of the above were associated