C Programming: MCQ Set – 04

C Programming: MCQ Set – 04

Q31: The << operator is used for

  • (A) Right shifting
  • (B) Right shifting
  • (C) Bitwise shifting
  • (D) Bitwise complement

Q32: In addition to communicating with I/O, the processor must communicate with the ______________ unit.

  • (A) Control
  • (B) Memory
  • (C) Arithmetic
  • (D) Process

Q33: Which of the following is FALSE in C

  • (A) Keywords can be used as variable names
  • (B) Variable names can contain a digit
  • (C) Variable names do not contain a blank space
  • (D) Capital letters can be used in variable names

Q34: If an array is used as function argument, the array is passed

  • (A) By value
  • (B) By reference
  • (C) By name
  • (D) The array cannot be used as a function argument

Q35: What is the output of following code?

printf(“%c”, 100);
  • (A) prints 100
  • (B) prints ASCII equivalent of 100
  • (C) prints garbage
  • (D) None of the above

Q36: Portable program means

  • (A) Program with wheels
  • (B) Independent from its authors
  • (C) Independent of platform
  • (D) None of the above

Q37: Output of the following program fragment is

x = 5;
y = x++;
printf(“%d%d”, x, y);
  • (A) 5, 6
  • (B) 5, 5
  • (C) 6, 5
  • (D) 6, 6

Q38: What will happen if the following loop is executed?

int num = 0;
printf(“%d”, num);
}while (num >= 0);
  • (A) The loop will run infinite number of times.
  • (B) The program will not enter the loop.
  • (C) There will be a compilation error.
  • (D) There will be runtime error.

Q39: The directive that can be used to test whether an expression evaluates to a nonzero value or not is

  • (A) #if
  • (B) #elif
  • (C) #endif
  • (D) #exit

Q40: Which of the following does not represent a valid storage class in ’c’?

  • (A) automatic
  • (B) static
  • (C) union
  • (D) extern