Computer Graphics: Question Set – 07

Computer Graphics: Question Set – 07

What are the benefits of the DDA line drawing algorithm?

Following are the benefits of DDA line drawing algorithm:

  • It is straightforward.
  • It is simple to grasp.
  • It eliminates the multiplications that are required in the explicit line drawing equation, y = mx + c.
  • DDA is much faster.
  • DDA outperforms an implicit line drawing algorithm in terms of efficiency.
  • It does not necessitate any specialized knowledge to put it into action.
DDA line drawing algorithm
Line Drawing algorithms

What are the drawbacks of the DDA line drawing algorithm?

  • Each pixel is subjected to a floating point operation.
  • It does rounding off for each pixel.
  • Rounding off error accumulates with each iteration, and the computed pixel position may deviate from the real position as a result of the cumulative rounding off error.
  • It takes longer.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the incremental approach.


  • Easy to understand.
  • Simple to code.


  • It is slow and inefficient.
  • Requires the use of floating point multiplication.
  • Each step must include a rounding procedure.

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm.


  • Only involves integer calculations.
  • It outperforms DDA in terms of speed.
  • Using a shift register, you may implement multiplication by two in hardware.
  • Involves less expensive operations such as addition and subtraction
  • More accurate
  • Bresenham’s approach does not perform rounding


  • Bresenham’s line drawing method ignores anti-aliasing.
  • It may not result in a smooth line.

Differentiate: DDA vs. Bresenham’s Line Drawing Algorithm

Sr. No.DDA AlgorithmBresenham’s Algorithm
1.Involves floating point calculation.Purely based on integer calculation.
2.Involves costly operations like multiplication and division.Involves cheaper operations like addition and subtraction.
3.Due to floating point operation, it is slower.It is faster as it involves only integer calculation.
4.Less accurate.More accurate.
5.DDA performs rounding off operation of each pixel.Bresenham’s algorithm does not perform a rounding operation.
6.Expensive due to extensive multiplication and division operations.Less expensive as it computes the points on line using addition and subtraction.

State the advantages of midpoint line drawing algorithm

The following are the benefits of the mid-point line drawing algorithm:

  • It is solely reliant on integer computation.
  • Involves less expensive processes such as addition and subtraction.
  • It is faster because it just involves integer calculations.
  • More precise.
  • The rounding process is not performed by Bresenham’s algorithm.
  • Cheaper because it computes the points on a line using addition and subtraction.

Draw different scenarios of mid-point line drawing algorithm

Two scenarios for mid point line drawing algorithm are depicted in diagram.

pixel selection
How to determine which pixel should be selected
Mid point selection
Next mid point if E or NE pixel is selected

List advantages and disadvantages of polar circle drawing method.


  • Easy to compute.
  • Creates a circle with uniformly distributed points on circle boundary.

Disadvantages :

  • Computationally expensive.
  • sin and cos trigonometric series is expanded for each pair of coordinates.
  • Two round operations are performed per pixel.
  • Pseudocode is shown to generate a circle using polar representation.

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