Software Engineering: MCQ Set – 12

Q111: Which of the following diagrams can help spot points cuts?

  • (A) Class diagram
  • (B) Object diagram
  • (C) Sequence diagram
  • (D) ER diagram

Q112:  Which of the following is represented as an aspect that requests a login name and password?

  • (A) Class
  • (B) Object
  • (C) User authentication
  • (D) All of the mentioned

Q113: Research and development in aspect-orientation has primarily focused on

  • (A) software re-engineering
  • (B) artificial programming
  • (C) aspect-oriented programming
  • (D) all of the mentioned

Q114: Which of the following is a key principle of software design and implementation?

  • (A) Separation of concerns
  • (B) Writing aspects
  • (C) Finding code complexity
  • (D) None of the mentioned

Q115: Which of the following is not a type of stakeholder concern?

  • (A) Functional concerns
  • (B) Quality of service concerns
  • (C) Policy concern
  • (D) Non-functional concern

Q116: Which of the following concerns best suits the following statement:”Internet banking system includes new customer requirements, account Requirements, customer management requirements, security requirements, recovery requirements etc.” ?

  • (A) Functional concerns
  • (B) Quality of service concerns
  • (C) System concerns
  • (D) Cross-cutting concerns

Q117: Which of the following is core concern in medical record management system?

  • (A) maintaining records of patients
  • (B) diagnose and treatments
  • (C) consultations
  • (D) all of the mentioned

Q118: An event in an executing program where the advice associated with an aspect may be executed is known as

  • (A) aspect
  • (B) join point
  • (C) join point model
  • (D) point cut

Q119: The incorporation of advice code at the specified join points by an aspect weaver is called”.

  • (A) aspect
  • (B) join point
  • (C) join point model
  • (D) weaving

Q120: Which of the following is needed by Maintenance staff?

  • (A) A specific type of equipment
  • (B) Maintenance record for each and every equipment item
  • (C) Check in/check out equipment for maintenance
  • (D) All of the mentioned



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