Python Program To Demonstrate Logical Operators

Write Python code to demonstrate logical operators

# WAP to demonstrate logical operators

a = True
b = False

print("\na :", a)
print("b :", b)

print("\na and b :", a and b)
print("\na and a :", a and a)
print("\nb and b :", b and b)
print("\na or b :", a or b)
print("\na or a :", a or a)
print("\nb or b :", b or b)
print("\nnot a :", not a)
print("\nnot b :", not b)


a : True
b : False

a and b : False
a and a : True
b and b : False
a or b : True
a or a : True
b or b : False
not a : False
not b : True

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