C Program to Read Data From Keyboard

C Program to Read Data From Keyboard

Write C Program to Read Data from Keyboard


int main()
	int a;
	float b;
	char c;

        //display message to console
	printf("Enter the Decimal Number :--> ");		
	scanf("%d", &a);      //Read from keyboard

	printf("Enter the Floating Point Number :--> ");
	scanf("%f", &b);      //Read from keyboard

	printf("Enter the Character :--> ");
	scanf(" %c", &c);     // Read from keyboard

        //display values stored in the variable
	printf("\nThe Decimal Number is : %d ",a);		
	printf("\nThe Floating Point Number is : %f ",b);
	printf("\nThe Character is : %c ",c);

	return 0;


Enter the Decimal Number :--> 89
Enter the Floating Point Number :--> 65.69
Enter the Character :--> r

The Decimal Number is : 89
The Floating Point Number is : 65.690002
The Character is : r