Machine Learning: MCQs Set – 17

Q161: Machine learning is ___ field

  • (A) Inter-disciplinary
  • (B) Single
  • (C) Multi-disciplinary
  • (D) All of the above

Q162: The model learns and updates itself through reward/punishment in case of

  • (A) Supervised learning algorithm
  • (B) Unsupervised learning algorithm
  • (C) Semi-supervised learning algorithm
  • (D) Reinforcement learning algorithm

Q163: Two common types of data issue are

  • (A) Outlier
  • (B) Missing value
  • (C) Boundary value
  • (D) None of the above

Q164: Which of the following is a performance measure for regression?

  • (A) Accuracy
  • (B) Recall
  • (C) Error rate
  • (D) RMSE

Q165: Conversion of a text corpus to a numerical representation is done using ___ process.

  • (A) Tokenization
  • (B) Normalization
  • (C) Vectorization
  • (D) None of the above

Q166: In ___ approach, identification of best feature subset is done using the induction algorithm as a black box.

  • (A) Embedded
  • (B) Filter
  • (C) Wrapper
  • (D) Hybrid

Q167: The binomial distribution can be used to model the outcomes of coin tosses.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q168: Let us consider two examples, say ‘predicting whether a tumour is malignant or benign’ and ‘price prediction in the domain of real estate’. These two problems are same in nature.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Q169: SVM is an example of?

  • (A) Linear Classifier and Maximum Margin Classifier
  • (B) Non-linear Classifier and Maximum Margin Classifier
  • (C) Linear Classifier and Minimum Margin Classifier
  • (D) Non-linear Classifier and Minimum Margin Classifier

Q170: What sizes of training data sets are not best suited for SVM?

  • (A) Large data sets
  • (B) Very small training data sets
  • (C) Medium size training data sets
  • (D) Training data set size does not matter



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